Professional Discount

As a Salon Industry Professional you may request a Special Discount Code from KELLIE LITTLE

To apply for the Special Discount Code follow these steps.

Go to the 'Contact' page of this website and Enter:

  • Your First and Last Name

  • Your Business or School Email Address

  • Your Business or School Phone Number

Under 'Message' Enter:

  • Your Business Name, or the name of the Business you work for, or the Name of the School you are attending

  • The Business or School Address

  • Your Personal Professional License Number, if you own your own business

  • Your Personal Contact Information, if different than from above

  • Any other relevant contact, or important, information (instructor's / supervisor's name, special shipping instructions, etc.)

Upon Verification Kellie Little will email the percentage off you will receive and the Special Discount Code. Enter this code at Check Out. The standard price will update to reveal your Special Discount.

You may apply for a maximum of two (2) purchases.

Purchases will be shipped to the Business or School Address, so use that address at Check Out.