About Kellie

Salon Owner, Celebrity Stylist & Entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Kellie was inspired to build a better hairbrush after time and time again hearing her clients say, "I can never get my hair to look this good" or "Round brushes are too hard for me to use, but other brushes are too flat for shaping".

Being a stylist for over three decades, and a salon owner for 16 years, Kellie was all too familiar with the frustration of having to use so many different tools to achieve the looks she and her clients desired– A paddle brush or wide-tooth comb to detangle, a combination boar/synthetic flat brush to smooth, a curved-cushion brush to add volume and movement and lastly a round brush to add even more body or curl – that’s a lot of brushes! Kellie wanted a brush that would allow for an all-in-one styling experience and decided to create her own uniquely shaped brush design that she calls The Groove®.

The Groove® series of hairbrushes have been thoughtfully crafted. Much care has been taken to secure the finest materials, ergonomic features and seamless construction. The unique, patented brush design allows it to glide through all types of wet or dry hair quickly and efficiently saving valuable styling time. Using the brush every day, will promote hair health, growth, and add beautiful natural shine to your locks - all while giving you an amazing scalp massage! Simplify and replace all other brushes with a brush that does it all! Curl, shape, volumize and massage your scalp using just one tool.